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Since 1948, Parma Radio Club, has taken great pride in its ongoing effort to provide a friendly atmosphere for experienced hams and beginners. We have a sincere interest in amateur radio and endeavor to provide enriching programs to help members improve their technical knowledge and operating skills.

In addition, members enjoy weekly on air nets, annual Amateur Radio Relay League Field Day and other operating events, as well as two fun summer picnics. You'll find the PRC a terrific club to make life time friends.

Explore the buttons above to learn more about our club.  We hope you'll visit with us at the next meeting. You do not need to be a licensed radio amateur or a member to attend our meetings and events. 

If you're considering becoming a "ham", a licensed radio amateur, we can help.  Click the "CONTACT" button above and let us know.  We'll get you on the path to one of the world's most rewarding hobbies, a hobby that literally puts you in touch with the world.  There's no age or physical restrictions on becoming a ham. All you need is the desire to become part of our great hobby.

How to Become a Licensed Ham

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The following information will help you to become a licensed Amateur Radio Operator.

       Amateur Radio Operator Licenses are granted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). There are three license levels, the first being the Technician License, then the General class and, the highest level is the Extra Class License. As you increase your license level you will attain greater operating privileges. This includes operating modes, frequencies and permitted operating power.
       To prepare for the license exam, there are a couple basic options. There are purely Q&A guides that are primarily a rote memorization of practice questions and answers.  Then there are texts whose goal is to instruct you in the various essential topics in addition to providing sample questions. The latter approach is widely preferred over rote memorization. While it might take a bit longer to prepare, it will give you a solid foundation for the FCC exam and your exciting new hobby.
       The FCC exam is a multiple choice style. With an understanding of the core information, the correct answer will be obvious. Either of the following publications will be quite helpful in your study:

ARRL Ham Radio License Manual (cat. #ARR 0222) $29.95. Published by the leading amateur radio organization in the U.S., the American Radio Relay League.

Gordon West Technician Study Guide (cat.# GWTM14) $21.95.

Both of these publications discuss the essential information and include a pool of sample questions and answers to prepare you for the actual FCC exam.

The above mat
erials can be purchased locally at Amateur Electronic Supply, 28940 Euclid Ave., Wickliffe, OH 44092, (440) 585-7388 or via their website

Volunteer Examiners in the area conduct testing on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Information is available at > click on "VE Team".    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are ready to schedule your exam.

                                                         On February 23, 2007 the FCC eliminated Morse Code testing. 

Getting started

Many local amateur radio clubs and organizations conduct on air nets.

If you have a scanner or amateur radio receiver you can listen to these nets to get a feel for some of the activity in which you will soon be able to participate. While some nets are strictly social, others nets might be for equipment selling among hams, emergency preparedness exercises, or emergency weather conditions. The Parma Radio Club operates two weekly nets. Both nets are listed on our web site and in the PRC e-minder which you will receive as a member or by requesting a copy via We invite you to listen in to any of these local nets:

                                  NETS (FM repeaters) These can be tuned in on many scanners.

Swap and Shop Tue 7:30 pm 147.015 mHz

Parma Radio Club Tue 9:00 pm 145.410

Woodchuck Amateur

Radio Club Wed 8:00 pm 145.310

Cuyahoga Amateur

Radio Society Wed 9:00 pm 146.820

Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society Wed 9:00 pm 147.700

Tech Net Thurs 8:00 pm 147.700

                                          (HF nets)  These can be tuned in on some short wave receivers.

Parma Radio Club Thurs 9:00 pm 28.460 USB

ARRL Field Day 2015
June 27 & 28

No doubt about it. ARRL Field Day is a highlight of the year.  Held the fourth full weekend in June, Field Day is not a contest. It is, instead, our opportunity to demonstrate to ourselves and others how effective we can be in a field operation, operating only on emergency power.  Hams across the U.S. and Canada will be participating. Individuals and ARRL affiliated clubs will be operating according to ARRL event rules and submitting their results to the ARRL to be tabulated and published in QST magazine. The event begins at 2 PM Saturday and ends 24 hours later. 

As in several years passed, we'll be operating from the Top O' Ledges in the Hinckley Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks.  Members will have a tent for the station equipment and temporary cover for dining and relaxing.  For the first time ever, we will be operating completely on solar power power. Cooking out is another fun aspect of the event and our meals are delicious. 

We have special permission granting overnight camping, so if you are inclined, your welcome to sleep over. Working the ham bands into the early hours is great fun, too.

We'll be in the planning stages up to the event, so come to a meeting and join in. As with all events, we'll need help in setting up, operating, and tearing down.

Field Day is an opportunity for new hams to work all bands and modes because Extra Class licensees will be on hand as control operators.  In fact, to operate on the air, under the control operator you don't even need to be licensed!

Come join us.  For photos of previous Field Day events, take a minute to click on the PAST EVENTS tab.



The Parma Radio Club will hold its third annual Earth Day Special Event Station Saturday, April 25th to celebrate our generous but fragile planet. All operations will be powered only by the Sun. The event is intended to encourage everyone to be mindful of our magnificent planet. Other clubs and individuals are encouraged to celebrate Earth Day in this unique way, joining with more than 500 million people in 192 countries observing Earth Day. While the actual date in the U.S. is April 22nd, schools and other groups celebrate a week or more prior to the date.

The Parma Radio Club's Earth Day Special Event station, W8PRC will be hosted by Stearns Homestead ( near the city center. This historical urban farm is maintained and operated by the Parma Historical Society.

Our striking QSL card is available to everyone who sends their QSL or a written request.  An SASE is appreciated but not required. Send your card and SASE 4x6 envelope to Parma Radio Club, 7811 Dogwood Lane, Parma, Ohio 44130.

Learn more about our city's fascinating urban farm at